Plyroom presents sustainable ideology through sleek products created with quality craftsmanship. The wood is sourced from sustainably managed and harvested European forests. Each product is proudly constructed by masters of their craft, and finished with their passionate touch. This entire range is the quintessential sassy meets sustainable.

the iNET identity


The assured and debonair iNET identity with its complimenting upbeat geometric graphics, infuses geek with chic!
Clean cut and cool, this ISP comes to serve you with a spring in their step.
Book sculpting perfected by artist Jodi Harvey-Brown, let's you see the story as an imaginative spectacle... making stories come alive through an extraordinary crafty practice.

ooh la lachapelle


Mindblowingly outrageous, a feast for your eyes... expect nothing less from the renowned photographer, music video director, film director and artist. Best known for his photography, LaChapelle is internationally recognized
for his exceptional artistry in combining distinctive hyper-realistic aesthetics with fervent social messages.

in full swing


Perpetual Niugini Ltd steps out looking dapper with their freshly printed corporate profile, and official website.
With a professional and confident demeanor, these gents offer quality in various transport & logistics services.
The Minima Hotel in Adelaide, serves up a cocktail of "art" rooms. Ready for the picking (upon availability), or keep it a mystery! Vibrant creative spaces for guests and artists, which were developed by a carefully picked selection of South Australian upcoming and semi-established artists. All 46 rooms, although diverse in detail, represent the vision of these artists along the theme of 'creativity and creation'.

pin-up words


Nothing like a few lines to spice up your space. check out these handsomely crafted typographic posters you can order from inky co. But wait there's more... you can even submit a custom request! Gotta love that!!!
REX Construction based in Port Moresby, PNG. A brand that exudes experience, trust, reliability and cutting edge craftsmanship. A bunch of clever critters who live and breath conceptualizing, developing, and styling spaces.
Remarkably talented artist Ignasi Monreal whisks the beauty, pizzazz, glamour, and intricate details of fashion and serves it up in breathtaking strokes of illustrative brilliance. His work of winsomeness has featured in Joyce Boutiques (Hong Kong), EY!Magateen, CANDY Magazine, V Magazine Spain, Harper’s Bazaar Spain, Vogue Spain, Swide by Dolce&Gabbana, ODDA Magazine or Varon Magazine.
Day to Night is an impressive ongoing series by fine art photographer Stephen Wilkes. There is up to 1,500 images from a 15-hour shoot day (from sunrise to sunset) used, and Wilkes takes close to a month to edit his shots into one composite work of art that reveals the gradience of time.
Wilkes says, "The images are so layered; there are so many elements that I love about the medium: Street, history, people environment, narrative, and storytelling. I'm drawn to cities that have not only fantastic architecture, but also fascinating street life. The human narrative is the subtext in a lot of my photographs, so the more you look at it, the more you are going to discover." Having already captured some of the biggest cities—including New York City, Washington DC, and Shanghai—Wilkes looks forward to adding the iconic cityscapes of Chicago, London, and Paris to the expanding series.
UNDP's Post 2015 Development Agenda for Papua New Guinea, published and presented in a concise report. Designed with bold PNG coloured blocks throughout emitting cultural and national pride.
Printers are on and ready to pump out the goods! This fresh and bold brand delivers the true essence of this new production - reliability, quality, and professionalism blended with confidence and pizazz.
We pull ideas and inspiration from eminent interior design into our work everyday, as each execution is a medley of colour, textures, patterns and flavor, which always leave us in awe.

A favorite designer and a recent winner of the Belle Coco Republic Interior Design Awards 2015. Greg Natale Design is a Sydney based, and highly reputable interior design genius. His cutting-edge designs are dynamic and pack a punch!


at a glance


The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has had a long and proud history in Papua New Guinea (PNG), working in all areas of development. This booklet 'at a glance', is a showcase of UNDP's work, pride and dedication.
The spirited, vibrant and pictorial presentation of stories was a sure way to capture their audience's attention.
This outlandish collection by Tabisso is called 'Typographia'. Interesting way of using typography to make a bold statement or a feature piece in your living or work space.